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Customtex is a supplier of custom textile products. Customtex supplies custom cotton products tailored to a client's needs.

Examples of custom cotton products:

- Personalized towels. In different sizes and for different functions.
- Personalized bathrobes.

The design is free.
In the initial stage we can design a woven or printed product specifically for you. We do the design for free as part of the business proposal/offer.

The design.
We can either use your ideas or logo,
or we can work with you to design
exactly what you need. We can always
submit a sample for your approval
before going into production.

All in 3 easy steps.
1. You pick the design.
2. Mass production will start
after your approval.
3. The products will be packaged and
shipped to your desired location
anywhere in the world.

Before a towel
is designed it
is a blank canvas.

You can cover
that canvas with
your ideas.

Your brand.

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